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Chef Teigha Mondragon with My Healthy Home Chef

Hi There! 

I'm Teigha Mondragon. The owner and chef here at My Healthy Home Chef. 

Starting at a young age my experiences with food led me to my life purpose of teaching food education, encouraging the tradition of home cooking and living our healthiest life in today's fast, modern world.  


I grew up in Vermont where we raised chickens, turkey's, pigs and cows for our meat supply. We had a communal potato farm that provided for multiple generations of my family. Together we worked to plant, weed, debug and harvest the potatoes when each time arrived. I find it just as important today to have a close connection to the source of our food. 


I loved eating rhubarb and tomatoes fresh out of our garden and that high quality taste is the same nutritious, fresh type of food I work to deliver to my clients.


I look forward to working with you to make your next meal full of nourishment and a tasty memory!


  Cheers to a happy, healthy day!

Teigha Mondragon

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