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Seasonal Self Care Retreat
For Women ~ June 24th-26th

Drop into your body and allow yourself to be guided by your heart, moved by your breath and nourished by community. Join me and two other amazing women in wellness for a weekend of self care in the beautiful Trout Lake Valley.  Early bird tickets are now on sale at:
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It is my wish that we all find space in our lives for peace and personal growth. I support people on this journey through breath and movement practices, rooted in traditional yoga philosophy and the cycle of natures seasons.

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My intention is to support souls going through awakening and to guide you in discovering a deeper connection with your intuition. I use my training in energy work, meditation, shamanism and intuitive mentoring to help you stand strongly with your souls purpose and hearts passions

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Teigha Mondragon
Profesional Chef

 My mission as a Private Chef is to create delicious dishes that highlight local farmers, artisans and

nature to deliver gourmet food experiences that nourish you

body, mind and soul

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